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I will look for you in the morning at nursery and again when I wake up from my nap. I will save you a seat at breakfast because I will always be at the table before you. George and Niall sharing a joke. I will reach out my hand to…

Originally posted on Growing George:
Happy Birthday, George. You are two today and, as is tradition, Mamma and Da Dad have taken a look back at your year to remember what you got up to. Or, as you would now ask, “what’s been going on?” Well, settle down and we will begin. You walked not long after your first Birthday and…

DJ George

In case I haven’t made enough of a fuss or some of you forgot, I turned 40 last year. It happened and I was fine. One of the many things my lovely wife did for me was to make a slide show of photos from when I was a child with more recent ones of […]

Two tickets for the gun show

And I did. After most races I am left with the feeling I could have run faster if only I had trained harder, better and for longer. This year I set out to banish this feeling and finally smash my running goals as part of the list of things to do before I’m 40. I […]

George with three members of the world's fattest peloton.

Last year I made a list of things I wanted to do in the year I turned 40 and now I am on to the big one. I have assembled the fattest peloton in cycling history and together we are going to tackle one of the most iconic climbs in the Tour de France – […]

George on the beach

This month I passed my one year blogging anniversary or blogiversary if you will. So yay for me! I have been wondering about how I should mark this occasion as nothing seems appropriate. My first thought was to write about what I have learnt about blogging so far, but to be frank, my insights would […]


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