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You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

This month I passed my one year blogging anniversary or blogiversary if you will. So yay for me! I have been wondering about how I should mark this occasion as nothing seems appropriate. My first thought was to write about what I have learnt about blogging so far, but to be frank, my insights would not be particularly revealing. I may have found my groove but I doubt I have much of interest to share with the world.

I read through my first few posts, laughed at the memory of those early days and thought about how much had changed. It was only after reading an article on twitter that I remembered that my first post was written before I started this blog. It was titled ‘We are not always the boobs . . . . . and that’s OK too’ and appeared on a site called ‘We are the Dads’. I wrote it after reading my first experience of well-meaning but ill thought out (and since deleted) comments about the benefits of breast feeding. Lactation may be beyond me but I remember how defensive and angry I felt at the time. It felt like a personal attack on my little family.

It is more than a year on and I have read similar comments, countless times while watching the debate rage away on the internet. Thankfully most people have a ‘live and let live’ approach and want to support all parents but the blinkered views never really go away. I wish I could wipe away the guilt my beautiful wife still feels about having to stop breast feeding as easily as the zealots make claims that ‘all you need is better support and education’. As I said in my original post ‘anything that makes her feel like she isn’t the most amazing Mum in the world should be vigorously rejected’.

All of this is taking my train of thought away from what I actually want to talk about as this isn’t really about me. We all know who the star of the show is, the reason why this blog exists and my number one obsession; it’s George. In the year I have been writing he has put his shaky start behind him and grown into the noisy, funny, caring, perpetual motion toddler I love with all my heart. I can’t begin to catalogue all he has learnt in the year I have been blogging but it certainly puts my development to shame. So this is for George, Daddy loves you little boy x

George on the beach

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A Bicycle Made for Two

This weekend we passed another milestone with George, our first family bike ride. After inspiration from a post on the Babberblog and a few twitter chats I bought a Yepp Mini for my mountain bike. We took advantage of the sunshine on Friday afternoon and went for our first ride together. George loved being at the front where he could see what was going on and got very excited when his Mama cycled alongside us so he could shout and wave at her. From his vantage point he could easily spot the horses in the field we rode past although I think he was shouting ‘dog’ at them. I loved having George so close to me and he seemed to like stroking my leg as we rode along. I hope this was the first of many family outings.

This isn’t a sponsored post but if anyone is considering getting the same bike seat or similar then I would happily recommend it. When you put it on your bike it doesn’t look like you will have any room at all but it is very deceptive and George was lower down than I expected, almost like he was in my lap. I was also concerned about banging my knees or having to ride bow legged but that isn’t a problem either. I did have to keep my knees further apart than usual but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. The only annoyance about buying this seat is that is designed for Dutch style bike with a long stem. I have a more modern mountain bike and need to buy a separate adapter which had to be ordered separately and took two weeks to arrive.

I hope this post inspires a few more parents to venture out their bikes and pass on the love of cycling to the next generation.

Bicycle made for two