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Hoochie Coochie Man

In case I haven’t made enough of a fuss or some of you forgot, I turned 40 last year. It happened and I was fine. One of the many things my lovely wife did for me was to make a slide show of photos from when I was a child with more recent ones of me and George. The sound track was ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ by Muddy Waters because I sang it to George when he was in hospital, particularly the line ‘a gypsy woman told my Papa/before I was born/you got a boy child coming/he’s gonna be a son of a gun’.

DJ GeorgeShe was pleased that I loved her choice of music as she had found finding a good song about being a Dad really hard. Her second choice was ‘Father and Son’ by Cat Stevens which a great song but is about a troubled relationship not a happy one. I started to realise I couldn’t think of any positive songs about being a Father or tributes to a much loved Dad. The first tunes that popped into my head were ‘Papa was a rolling stone’ (womanising thief), ‘Papa don’t preach’ (over bearing authority figure) and ‘Coward of the county’ (starts with Dad dying in prison and gets worse).

Finally, the first verse of ‘Kinky Afro’ by the Happy Mondays jumped into my head which has to be the lowest point.

Son I’m 30
I only went with your Mother cos she’s dirty
And I don’t have a decent bone in me
What you get is just what see, yeah

Where do we go from here? I need you, the people of the internet, to help me compile a playlist of songs about Dads. There must be some great tunes out there that I haven’t thought of. Post your suggestions in the comments below or tweet me your suggestions.

I’m relying on you.