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40 List – Part One

As I will be 40 next year I have decided to compile a list of things do before I hit the big 4-0. This is only part one of the list as I hope to add other stuff as it occurs to me.  I plan to blog about each of these experiences as I tick them off as I go along. Here goes.

Cycle Alpe D’Huez – This is possibly the most famous climb in cycling but is an absolute beast – 21 hairpins with an average gradient of 8.1%, elevation gain of 1071m over 13km. I am not built for cycling so this will be a huge challenge and I am planning to take some fellow old gits with me to share the pain.

Dinner in a Michelin star restaurant with my wife – I really like the idea of the two of us getting dressed up and spending the evening somewhere more sophisticated than usual. I never get dressed up for anything and generally avoid places that are more formal. It doesn’t take much for my wife to look lovely so it’s about time I tried to match her.  Also my wife has already been to two Michelin star restaurants and this might be a way of stopping her going on and on about it.

Harris’ on Harris – I have been promising to take my wife to the island of Harris in Scotland for years and now there are three of us in team Harris I think it is time. It looks like a beautiful place to go to and I won’t be able to resist the endless photo and lame joke opportunities it will offer. My cousin went to Harris a few years ago and quite frankly didn’t make enough of it.

Take the ultimate rollercoaster photo – My greatest triumphs were ‘The Vicars Tea Party’ and ‘Siege on the Big One’ but as I have no plans to grow up it is time to surpass these efforts. My favourite suggestion so far is to wear Jedward wigs but I’m sure there are plenty of other ideas we can explore. Update: new suggestion is Bolivian Pan pipe troupe with the guy at the front selling CDs.

Run faster – I have run (slowly) in a variety of races over the last four years from half marathons to off road mud fests like Hellrunner . I’ve always enjoyed them but I usually finish thinking ‘if I train harder I can run faster next time’.  I’d like to take 10 minutes off my Hellrunner time and/or run a sub 2hr half marathon.

Take George to HQ  – I want George to love rugby as much as me and plan to take him to plenty of games. This has to start with a trip to Twickenham so he can get used to the place for when he captains England to the grand slam.

Swim in the sea – Obviously this is something I have done before but I really love and don’t do it enough. The plan is to swim in the sea as many times as I can in the next year no matter what the weather throws at me.

Play rugby again – I stopped playing rugby 4 years ago after suffering two serious injuries in one season. I still really miss playing and would love a few more games before I hang up my boots for good. Not a popular item on my list but I hope I get to do it.

Thank you to everyone who posted ideas on my original post. I am still considering some of these especially the eating contest so please post any other ideas in the comments box below.


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