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Last of the Famous International Playboys

Last week my baby boy took his first steps to becoming part of the international jet set by boarding a plane for his first flight. His first trip abroad may have only been a short hop over the Irish Sea but I hope this was the first of many new countries he visits. Without getting too Dr Seuss about it I do love dreaming about the places he will go and I really hope the travel bug bites him hard. I can’t wait for him to start exploring.

The thing that amused my most about his the trip was applying for his very first passport.  I had assumed you could still put a baby on your own passport but he needs his own. The idea of a tiny baby with a passport always makes me laugh and sends my train of thought into imaginary scenes of planes full of babies drinking duty free and chatting up the air hostess.  The rules for his photo are very strange, being asleep is OK but any sign of my hands holding him up is not allowed. The end result is this fantastic picture that will be used to identify him at international borders for the next five years.


I didn’t get my first passport until I was nine so this is one of the many things George gets to do earlier than I did.  Sadly I couldn’t find my first passport, which had two photos allowing my travel companions to mock both my pre and post pubescent 80s hair and clothing tragedies.  I did find my second passport with a photo of me aged 19 and in my first year at university. I thought this was a great photo at the time but now I am not so sure.


Do you have great memories of your first trip abroad? Where have you taken your kids on their first trip? Tell me, tell me, tell me!