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Body Talk

I was inspired to write this post after reading all the ‘Love-Mum Body’ posts on the excellent ‘Story of Mum’. It’s great to see this network of mums getting together to spread a little love and remind us how beautiful the women in our lives are. Some of the blog posts felt very close to home and it got me thinking about how we could use some ‘Dad Power’ to change the minds of a few mums who are feeling less than happy with their post-baby bodies. I know where I want to start.

When I first met my lovely wife she was 23, feisty, exciting and super-slinky hot. I was gloomily turning 30, convinced I had wasted most of my twenties and that it was all downhill from there. She was not the sort of woman I thought would ever find me attractive but I got lucky. I was punching above my weight then and I still am now. She is gorgeous.

Fast forward to today and it is a little over three months since she gave birth to our beautiful son. Recovering from a c-section, infection and the rigours of pregnancy, her body has taken a battering and the recovery from this is still on-going. Despite this she is still gorgeous and my passion for her is undiminished. There is no caveat here. There is no ‘not bad considering’ or ‘looking good for a’ statements here. She is just gorgeous.

I’m sure you have guessed the inevitable problem already – she can’t see any of this. Her body-confidence is very low and my efforts to raise this don’t seem to have much effect. I tell her how amazing she is on a regular basis but sadly the mirror and scales shout louder. So I am turning to you, the people of the internet to help me spread a little love and maybe raise the morale of not just my wife but all of those beautiful women who gave us our fantastic sons and daughters.

Dads, what have you done to help the mother of your child love her body? Tell us all why she is wonderful !

Mums, what has made a difference to you? What helped you love your post-baby body?