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Run Harris, Run – 2013 Challenge Update

I’m now two months into my 2013 Challenge and I thought it was about time I posted an update on my progress. If this was a school report it would probably have ‘could do better’ written on the bottom but it is early days and I’m quite pleased with what I have achieved so far.


Year to date = 148.3km                  KM remaining = 1,954.7 km


Year to date = 28.6km                    KM remaining = 172.7 km

StravaI am about a month behind schedule on my cycling and a week behind on the running but I always knew the winter months would be difficult. A combination of bad weather, illness and injury has blown a hole in my training and stopped me from getting out as much as I wanted. However, I am getting gradually fitter and I know I will feel the benefit of some of these cold, hard rides when summer comes. As you can see from the picture I have managed a few consecutive weeks of good rides and I know as soon as it is light enough I will be able to ride in the evening as well.

The biggest failure has been my weight loss. I’m not shifting the lard and I have given up weighing myself for now as I know how badly I’m doing. I wouldn’t normally be bothered by this but I know that cycling up the French Alps is going to be easier if I am lighter so I need to get my eating under control. I know what makes me fat so I have no excuses for failing to cut out the crap eating.

This month I will be concentrating on the running as I have a 10k at the start of April that I want to do well in. By the time I report again I should be ahead on my running total and lighter than I am now. The twin mantras for this month are ‘Run Harris, Run’ and ‘Step Away From the Cake’. Please keep encouraging me.


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