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Talking About a Resolution

It’s no surprise how much blog space has been dedicated to New Year’s resolutions this month and I apologise for adding to all these words with my own attempt at self-improvement. I’m not actually making any resolutions as most of what I’m planning to do this year I’d already put on my list of things to do before I’m 40. I’m also sticking with some of the other things I started last year like losing more weight alongside my international brothers in weight loss.

bikeHowever, I have been inspired to set myself a new challenge after being inspired by the efforts of ‘Run Hemingway, Run’. My plan for 2013 is to cycle 2,013km and run 201.3km, logging both on my lovely little Strava app.  I think I can do this but I’m really not sure as it is a long way (obviously!). I’m hoping to recruit friends to cycle and run with me along the way to make things easier and please do encourage me throughout the year.

I’m looking at a couple of different races at the moment and for one of them I will be raising money for the Meningitis Trust. I was delighted to raise over £400 last year and I’m banking on you helping me beat that target this year. I will be blogging about my progress (or lack of it) with this challenge so get used to me complaining about how much my legs hurt.

Please post all your words disbelief, encouragement or empathy in the box below. Thanks!


9 thoughts on “Talking About a Resolution

  1. Disbelief: You’re mad!
    Encouragement: Good luck!

    Empathy: I once ran a long way. I know how you feel.

    Most of all, good luck on your quest. I look forward to hearing of your progress. However, if Darrin can make meetups whilst completing silly challenges, so can you! So, no shying away!

  2. Good luck! I suffered meningitis in 2007, and have been left with M.E. I’ve lost a lot because of meningitis and the chronic neurological conditions I’ve been left with, and think more should be done to raise awareness of meningitis in adults. It’s surprising how many people (like me) don’t realise it’s not just for kids!

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