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Fatboy Sunday – Part Three

Eagle-eyed readers of my blog will have already realised that this should be ‘Part Four’ and that I didn’t weigh-in last week. This was due to cowardice on my part as my diet had crashed and after scoffing an 18 inch pizza on Saturday night there was no way I could face the scales on Sunday morning. No ‘yay for me’ and certainly celebratory no fist pump.

This week has been better and as you can see from the photo I have shifted another kilo. Although this is good news I still haven’t got my eating under control and my weight loss has been down to the extra exercise I am doing to prepare for Hellrunner. My worry is that I won’t maintain my progress when my training tails off. I have been recommended Slimkicker as way of combining calorie counting and monitoring my exercise but I haven’t started using it yet. Has anybody used this or something similar? Put any recommendations in the comment box below.

I’m heading off for another training run now so if anyone would like to find out about Hellrunner or make a donation on my fundraising page to encourage me then read my last blog post on how George said No to meningitis. Finally, a big shout out to my brothers in weight loss who are still on target and doing well.


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