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Fatboy Sunday – Part One

It is only five weeks until Hellrunner and so far my attempt to lose weight and get fit is failing. In an effort to shame myself into getting on with it I am going to post my weight here every Sunday and possibly report on my training. Or I could delete this post mid-week and pretend it never happened. We shall see.

My opening weight is a beefy 104.4kg and I would love to make a dent in this over the next few weeks. I will be sticking to metric measurement as it seems less real and easier to measure any small shifts. Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “Fatboy Sunday – Part One

  1. Good luck mate!
    For one week Al has now been in a challenge with my brother-in-law to lose 7 kg by Christmas. It seems to motivate him to be able to compare his results with someone else’s efforts. Hope you get some motivation here too!!

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