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Running Away With You

Today is my wedding anniversary so if you are not into schmaltzy, sentimental posts I would look away now.  It is only our third wedding anniversary but already I can’t remember I time when we weren’t together and that is the way I like it.

I only need to close my eyes to remember her walking down the aisle towards me and the way she made me feel.  I still feel the same. She is my partner in crime, my straight man and funny girl rolled into one, if I was the Doctor she would be my greatest companion. It is her eyes I use to see the good in me and her words that can always give me strength.  She is beautiful and I still have no idea why she was attracted to me. All I know is that I want to see the sparkle in her gorgeous green eyes for rest of my life.

Today we will be back at Molesey Boat Club where we held our wedding reception to float paper boats down the Thames as we have done every year. For the first time the will be a third boat for our baby bear, the newest member of Team Harris.  The adventure continues and I am looking forward to every step of our journey together.

I love you my sweet thing x


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