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Future England Captain

I first met my wife in late 2003 shortly after England won the rugby world cup. I’m not sure how the conversation turned to rugby but when I found out she was Irish I foolish stated that England would crush Ireland in the 6 Nations championship. Naturally this led to six consecutive Irish victories including a 43-13 hammering at Croke Park in 2007 and she has never let me forget my arrogance. Every year this makes this makes the Six Nations bags of fun in our household especially on the day England play Ireland and usually lose. George wasn’t born in time for this year’s game but I am hoping he could sense the Irish scrum being demolished as England cruised to a rare victory.

The arrival of George has only increased the rivalry as we compete to establish which nation he will play for in the future.  His Momma wasted no time in buying him a ‘when I grow up I want to play for Ireland’ bib and matching vest at Dublin airport. I responded with an England rugby vest with ‘Harris 8’ stitched in the back. This week I posted the picture below to twitter and asked the world to retweet it if they thought George should play for England not Ireland. As well as several friends I was very pleased to get RTs from Harley Bear (the Harlequins mascot), Lee Dickson (England scrum half) and Will Carling (former England captain).

Views on the photo are up to 685 so I have bragging rights for now but my lovely wife has sworn revenge.  Do your worst my sweet!



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