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This week . . .

. . . I’m going to Marketing Week Live. Since my baby boy was born 10 weeks ago I have struggled to maintain interest in anything that doesn’t involve him and work has been the biggest casualty of this change. Stuff that used to enrage, fascinate or motivate me are now met with a steady ‘meh’ or a resigned shrug. This will not do.  Tomorrow is step one in my loose plan to get my arse in gear and start remembering why I enjoy my job.

I’ve not been to an exhibition like this before as I have always felt the content is either too general to be useful or dominated by big brands. I work in higher education so finding out how McDonalds are going to sell us more burgers is never going to float my boat. My plan for the exhibition is quite vague but I want to hoover up as many tips, trends and promotional ideas as I can.

I have picked out some of the presentations I’d like to see but mainly I will be wandering round looking for interesting exhibitors.  I may be leaving my natural cynicism at home and attempting to rediscover my inner marketer but there will be some people I will be trying to avoid.

  • Any shiny suited zealots that take their product soooooo seriously. It’s not that important, trust me on this one.
  • Anyone peddling data. They always seem shocked when I tell them I don’t need any data and endlessly re-phrase the same question as if I’m stupid.
  • Anyone who calls themselves a ‘guru’. I don’t need to explain this one.

However I will be perfectly happy to talk to the following

  • Exhibitors who show an understanding of what I do before launching into a pitch. Understanding my role isn’t rocket science so a little nod every now and then to show you ‘get it’ will always be appreciated.
  • Anyone who realises the best way to sell to me is not to sell to me.  I can make decisions by myself so please don’t feel you have to guide me all the way.
  • Excitable creative types.  I can’t help being drawn in by someone with a mind that won’t stay still.

Despite this being a working day I have already decided to dress down as I want to relax. This may mean I get ignored but anyone who judges me on my appearance deserves to fail. If you are going to be at the show then say hello and I will look out for you.


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